Uniform suitable for your job (ie safe) and not chosen because it looks nice for passengers

Rachel Female , Officer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Ya la mujer se ha logrado posicionar a nivel mundial sin necesidad de leyes que obliguen a abrirse espacio… en la política,… en la ciencia… industria… ya es tiempo de olvidarnos de leyes proteccionistas pues las mujeres tienen lo necesario para posicionarse… Adelante

Nelson Soto Male , Lawyer from Costa Rica

Hire more than three female crews who have strong responsibility and do their job in same ship.

Susanna Nahyeon Park Female , Deck officer from Republic Of Korea (the)

Autonomous vessels enable more diverse (shore) crew to operate them without having to be away from family and loved obes. This in general improves seafarer’s life and diversity of work and gender.

Abdes Karimi Male , Head of Improvement from Netherlands (the)

Career opportunities for women more flexible working arrangements. Recognition of Aboriginal women’s knowledge in traditional water craft and activities

Deborah Swan Female , Culture & Heritage Officer RMS from Australia

Shipowners be obligated for 50%women on board until 2022

Stefania Female , Marine Superintendent from Greece

Incorporar la participación femenina en la toma de decisiones, inicialmente en forma obligatoria con un mínimo de 1 o 2 votos hasta llegar a una situación de paridad en el futuro. Es un cambio cultural necesario.

Marcela Dabas Female , Oceanografía from Argentina

Equal chances to all people no matter their gender

Mohamed Male , Undergraduate student from Greece

That sexual harassment is treated seriously by employers at sea and not simply brushed under the carpet

Gale Female , Chef from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Take women onboard

Frosina Female , English teacher from North Macedonia

Education for all, girls should be empowered through basic education.

Andrew Tanyanyiwa Muchichwa Male , Extension officer from Zimbabwe

Never give up, consistently work hard and thank those people who have always believed in you because they see something special in you. They see talent.

Miriam Gagliardo Female , MELCAL Project Manager from Italy

Advancing women all round the world for a better change

EKEADA MIRIAN CHINONSO Female , Student from Nigeria

Paid Maternity Leave to match shorebased employees and flexible return to work options in the aftermath.

Jenny Gillies Female , Master Mariner/HSEQ Manager from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Mayores oportunidades de empleo a bordo de los Buques y en general en la industria del Comercio Marítimo Internacional para las mujeres que con sus competencias personales de género favoreceran positivamente el ambiente laboral que de por si es muy difícil

Javier Chavez Male , Docente from Peru

Equal opportunities for everyone (with gender equality)…..

Valentin DUMITRU Male , Seamen's Club - Romania, Administrator from Romania

Capacity Building for Policy & Regulation makers Globally on Gender Equality

Michael Razack Male , MTCC Officer from Trinidad And Tobago

Equal opportunities for all gender.

Anand Male , 2nd Officer from India

La mujer es importante en el sector marítimo y portuario porque son pieza fundamental para toda labor que el hombre realiza en la vida cotidianay por eso pienso que son el complemento para que todo hombre funcione en un ambiente laboral agradable


Select people for jobs based on their resumes, without knowing their name as a clue to gender. Solely on their skills and experience, not berthing constraints.

Colleen Peters Female , Lead Marine Technician from United States Of America (the)

I wish woman to participate in coastal engineering field and share her engineering knowledge with others

Mona Hassani Mohamed Female , Coastal and harbor Engineer from Egypt

– More and more GENDER EQUALITY (which means MORE AND MORE FEMALE MARINE CREW) needed ON BOARD with a considerable and sustainable boost from IMO and the whole Merchant Marine industry.-Dr. Güntürk Üstün from Istanbul/Turkey-

Güntürk Üstün Male , M.D. from Turkey

More flexible working options for women who choose to have families and still want to work away.

Amy Rylance Female , Marine Engineer from Australia

‌Gender equality for me is not just about equal salary or equal opportunity given to men and women onboard, for me it’s about how much the shipping company can take good care of their employees, seamen or seawomen, onboard or ashore. I am proud to say, I was onboard, I am onboard and I will be onboard! My life is at sea.

Everlyn M. Sia Female , ETO from Philippines (the)

Promote women’s academic education in navigation and marine engineering and equality of opportunities.

Majed Fatnassi Male , Captain from Tunisia

Ensure that all seafarers are protected from abandonment and are fully protected by a P&I fund managed by IMO.

Michael Barrass Male , Marine Risk Manager from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

One thing that could be done on board ships to empower women, is to improve access to contraception. I worked as a senior doctor for 10 years for various companies, many which had excellent setups for managing crew and their chronic illnesses, but contraception was neglected and left to crew to arrange for themselves. Setting up a service to provide this on board, by a skilled family planning team could be something ships could consider to lead the way in providing women with this service which the unitednations describes as a basic human right

Ellen welch Female , Senior doctor from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

At the time of Appraisal for recruitment or promotion take multiple views from various designation about the person irrespective of gender.

Leela Female , Marine executive from India

Advocate for establishment of a reporting and action framework for all gender related harrasment and sensitize seafarers on the same.

Maureen Female , Policy Analyst from Kenya

Women have an increasingly leading role in the maritime industry worldwide, this is a great achievement for this and future generations. Let’s work for it !! Las mujeres tienen un rol cada vez más protagónico en la industria marítima a nivel mundial, esto es un gran logro para esta y las futuras generaciones. Trabajemos por ello!!

Capt. (N) Jesús Menacho Male , Senior Officer from Peru

More opportunities by reservation

V K Senthil Kumar Male , Faculty Marine Engineering from India

No longer excusing coworkers sexist behaviors as the normal culture in the industry

Alice Female , Third Mate from United States Of America (the)

Igualdade a todos

Francisco Rodrigues Alves Filho Male , CDM MÁQUINAS from Brazil

Gaji di indonesia yang belum bisa sama dan tidak diperhatikan

Toma prasetya Male , Ab from Indonesia

Eliminate Pregnancy Discrimination for women seafarers by making compulsory, the adoption of Maternity rights and policies about the break in service and allow the mothers to get back at sea!

RESHMA NILOFER NAHA Female , Maritime Pilot from India

Gender discrimination should be enforced and strict compliance by companies. Companies should not restrict females on the type of vessel to work on thereby stopping one from aspiring to the peak of her career. Some will keep all females on a surfer boat in the company against their desire to work onboard bigger size vessels

Lauretta.O.Sideso Female , 2/O DPO from Nigeria

More equality for opportunity

André Lima Male , Second Mate from Brazil

Respect towards gender, race and culture of individual.

Nils Undag Male , Training Manager from Philippines (the)

Propose an IMO Gender Equality Code where the objective focuses on discrimination and gender

Capt Andilan Era, MM, MSM, MMET Male , Master Mariner, Marine Consultant, Marine Supt from Philippines (the)

I strongly encourage women to take the chance to be part of the maritime sector. Nothing is impossible if you stick to your dream and commit yourself to it, only then you will succeed in the maritime field

Maria Eugenia Duarte Female , Argentinian Coastguard officer from Argentina

Many women in the world are struggling to change the world, as are many men. Who then are the ones who put the brakes on them? Society must change its thinking in superiority or gender differences because only then will we find the key to development.

Katherine Vanessa Gonzales Acuña Female , Teacher from Peru

A course previously join on board about human limitation of both genders will make us more consicious about what we are capable and motivate us to help between crew members. Humanization in our workplace.

Claudia Hernandez Sordo Female , Deck Officer from Mexico

Security & Equality to each and every woman in our organisation as a part of your family.

Aniruddha Shriwastav Male , Import Operations officer from India

A course previously join on board about human limitation of both genders will make us more consicious about what we are capable and motivate us to help between crew members. Humanization in our workplace.

Claudia Hernandez Sordo Female , Deck Officer from Mexico

Educating the younger generation of seafarers that seafaring profession is not just for the league of Adam, but for everyone who has a brave heart and soul to sail the seas.

Marvin Carandang Male , Deck Cadet from Philippines (the)

More work opportunity, coz women can also do a good job or a better job than a man.

Kris Anyela Muñoz Siccha Female , 1st Engineer from Peru

Stop disrimination

Alfred Benard Yeboah Male , Third mate from Ghana

Darle la oportunidad de dirigir altos cargos a las mujeres.

Carlos Andrés Pérez Povea Male , Estudiante from Colombia

RESPECT and RESILIENCY, if all seafarers possess those trait and attitude in their dealings with everyone on-board regardless of gender or race there will be no discrimination for we will understand each other’s uniqueness and diversities, we adapt and change our ways and attitude leaning towards better teamwork

Alexer C. Jacintos Male , Third Engineer from Philippines (the)

Stop making advertising campaigns about equal opportunity and start actively investigating complaints, ask females that have left companies why. Companies won’t start caring about equal opportunity until they are held accountable for what females have had to yelierate in their roles.

Emmeline Female , Chief Officer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Improve social couverture of seafarers, focus on maritime culture from first level edudation untill high education

OUZZINE Mohammed Adnane Male , Sea Going Captain from Morocco

Cumprir as escalas de todas empresas de Acordo com o estabelecido. Independente do cargo que ocupe. Assim como remunerar cada função de forma isonômica. Independente do sexo.

GIOVANA DA SILVA ALMEIDA DE MORAIS Female , Comandante from Brazil

1. Remove from using ODME. 2. Oil company’s to be stop own requirements

Tariel Male , Master from Georgia

Equal opportunity!!

Gisele Female , Communication Annalist at DOF from Brazil

To encourage everybody onboard to grow in their occupation.

Linda Female , Officer from Sweden

If I could make one change, I would be a Savannah Pilot. There are still several ports in America that will not consider a female applicant.

Dana Female , Chief Mate / Master Mariner from United States Of America (the)

Would be to sensitize men regarding acceptable behaviour towards women onboard. Sometimes getting carried away in an all male environment ‘conditions’ mindset and one is carried away to overlook it when women are onboard.

Nihal Peter Moraes Male , Engineering Officer from India

Brazil is a great example with two Merchant Marine schools where it includes a large number of women, cadets without any type of discrimination. Nowadays they are hired in the different Brazilian merchant companies.

FRANCISCO CASTAÑEDA Male , Chief Mate from Panama

Brasil es un gran ejemplo com dos escuelas de Marina Mercante donde incluye un gran número de mujeres,cadetes sin cualquier tipo de descriminación. Hoy en dia son contratadas en las diversas empresas mercantes brasileñas.

FRANCISCO CASTAÑEDA Male , Chief Mate from Panama

In the engine department we still have a lot o prejudice against women, this mentality need to change, There is no difference when it comes to capability between genders and there is nothing more to be proved. Women have already conquered their space on board.

João Maciel Male , Engine Cadet from Brazil

Stop Gender Discrimination onboard the ships

Pedro E. López Beyles Male , Chief Engineer from Mexico

Si Quieres construir un barco no empieces por buscar madera, cortar tablas o distribuir el trabajo. Evoca primero en hombres y mujeres el anhelo del mar libre y ancho

Julieth Carrillo Duarte Female , Técnico en operaciones portuarias from Colombia

Get young girls into programs other than just sailing.

Francesca Ernst Female , Operations Manager from United States Of America (the)

Es importante que dejemos atrás la discriminación, y empecemos a creer y a aceptar que nosotras las mujeres somos capaces de ocupar grandes cargos, ya que somos disciplinadas, dedicadas y le ponemos amor y esfuerzo a todo lo que hacemos. #IAMONBOARD #DAYOFTHESEAFARER

Greys Helen Medina Mercado Female , Estudiante from Colombia

Company should hire the girl candidates from every MTI not just few selected MTI. Company should have not criteria for selecting candidates from particulars MTI and neglecting others.

Krutika Manjrekar Female , Deck cadet from India

Eliminate the coveralls requirement. The fire retardant washes off and pants and a shirt are more comfortable and easier to deal with when you go to the bathroom

Rose Male , Pilot from United States Of America (the)

Es importante que dejemos atrás la descriminacion, y empecemos a creer y aceptar que nosotras las mujeres somos capaces, de ocupar grandes cargos, ya que somos disciplinadas, y dedicada y le colocamos amor y esfuerzo a todos lo que hacemos. #IAMONBOARD #DAYOFTHESEAFARER

Greys Helen Medina Mercado Female , Estudiante from Colombia

Empower and encourage women to join the navy! It’s a great job. Challenge the HR-services to engage 50% men and women in Defence! Mixed teams have an exponential effect on the results in an organisation!#thebelgiannavy

Griet Scheerlinck Female , Belgian Defence from Belgium

Por que la capacidad es la misma… We have the same abilities. #IAMONBOARD.

Cris Female , Chief Mate from Mexico

We should give chance everyone who wants

Emre Demirci Male , Cadet from Turkey

Protect everyone, encourage everyone,help everyone irrespective of gender. No one should be treated special.

Saurabh Chaudhary Male , Third engineer from India

Celebración de este día no solo para la gente que labora a bordo de algún buque, sino también para el personal que laboran en tierra.

CARLOS VALDEZ Male , Asesor en temas marítimos from Mexico

Labor law on each country / international should gantry EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES to male and female when it comes to pregnancy and balance offshore career and parents duties.

Jime Braga Male , Operations Director from Brazil

Promotion judge by capability not gender.

Anonymous Rather Not Say , IT from Indonesia

let’s change to strengthen the change

Jorge C. Morales Perez Male , Master from Mexico

La mujer en la sociedad es un ser de gran poder para transformar entornos, en el sector marítimo su huella se hace cada vez más grande. La capacidad de liderazgo, compromiso, trabajo, entrega, entusiasmo e iniciativa para enaltecer la labor de las mujeres en el sector marítimo y portuario, en pro desarrollo del país y del propio sector. hace notar su presencia de manera positiva. #IAMONBOARD #DAYOFTHESEAFARER

Wendy Female , Estudiante from Colombia

#IamOnBoard con igualdad de genero! Ser mujer y formar parte de la Marina Mercante Nacional es un orgullo. Se debe promover la imagen del genero femenino en el sector marítimo y reconocer el esfuerzo y dedicación que ejercemos las mujeres en la mar.

Margarita Vorrath Female , deck cadet from Mexico

Training network in all nautical schools

Isabel Moura Ramos Female , Board Member from Portugal

More equality and dignity. Equality in the dispute of vacancies, equality in the wages for the women. Dignity of treatment of companies with the professional sea. Above all respect humanistic.

Fabio de A. Arantes Male , More equality and dignity. from Brazil

Rethink the procedures and policies in a strategic and respectful way to guarantee equality and opportunities in all the hierarchical levels!

Janaína Chezanoski Female , Global Mobility Specialist from Brazil

Develop empathy! Respect each other & respect yourself! Desenvolva a empatia! Respeitar uns aos outros e respeitar a si próprio!

Sheila Mothe Female , Crew Coordnator from Brazil

Education and awareness to promote gender iquality within seafarers

Francisca Delgado Female , Dr Marine Biologist from Angola

Storytelling and campaigns are key for inspiring and motivating youngsters! Lets eventually bridge that gap through increased awareness!

Athina D. Female , Deputy DPA, CSO from Greece

Equal opportunities for everyone

A Priori Rather Not Say , Educator Innovator from Mexico

Change national law and give opportunities for women to be diver as a profession (it is prohibited in my country)

Iryna Female , Youth activist from Belarus

Las mujeres somos capaces de desempeñar cualquier cargo, además de ser dedicadas y decididas porque a cada trabajo le ponemos amor y esfuerzo a lo que hacemos. #IAMONBOARD #DAYOFTHESEAFARER

Greys Helen Medina Mercado Female , Estudiante from Colombia

Hire more women in maritime, from the top down. We need more Sr. mgmt that is female, more leaders that are female and more women overall hired within the industry.

Amber Female , Exec. Admin. from United States Of America (the)

Ensure that transgender women have equal access to job opportunities in the maritime sector.

Wayde Rather Not Say , Reference assistant from Trinidad And Tobago

Stop discrimination

Juan J. Suarez Dguez. Male , Master from Mexico

La igualdad de las mujeres debe ser un componente central en cualquier intento para resolver un problema

Mare Andrea Cantillo Flórez Female , Técnico en óperaciones portuaria from Colombia

Progresar en el mar, dar un ejemplo que las mujeres podemos ser mucho mejor estando en el mar. #IAMONBOARD #DAYFTHESEAFARER

María José Female , Estudiante from Colombia

After about 6 years offshore, I would say more education and visibility about life at sea. The more awareness there is the easier it will be to engage organisations on changes to address challenges for women at sea. More women will also begin to see careers at sea as viable options, creating a better gender balance in the years to come.

Mbaire Ng’ethe Female , Technical Sales Engineer - Geosupport from Kenya


Aayushi kunal Female , Engineer from India

To encourage and support all personnel regardless of Gender, ethnicity, orientation or other minority to feel comfortable and speak out on areas that we as an industry fall down on so that we can all learn and succeed together in the best way possible!

Jack Male , Officer of the Watch (Deck) from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

I’d improve communications technologies on board so that seafarers could more easily be in touch with families back home.

Ariel Female , Communications Officer from United States Of America (the)

Peoples perceptions of seagoing careers being male oriented needs to change. When I studied for my Maritime Law degree at University, my class was predominantly Males. When I worked as a ships agent for a few years here in the UK, I only saw approximately 3-4 women working on board ships as crew. It was always a refreshing sight to see. An industry where competencies and attitude are the main driving forces behind hiring your staff/crew needs to come to the forefront, and push aside the status quo.

Chris Loizou Male , Customer Success Specialist from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Amend the maternity leave for females

Dee Female , Nautical Superintendent from South Africa

Cada mujer, tiene una imagen que puede ser motivo para inspirar a otras.Como mujer en el sector marítimo debes mostrar mucha aptitud y actitud, mi inspiración es luchar por lo que quiero, esa perseverancia que me acompaña junto al hecho de mi responsabilidad ante lo que me empeño en lograr, considero es un aporte que ojalá le sirva a alguien.

Cristal Campos Female , Deck Cadet from Panama

All seafarers without gender discrimination shall be allowed to hold Seafarers Identity & Record Book by all Flag States so that they can join any ship they choose.

Kyaw Mya Oo Male , Principal Ray Shipping Training Centre from Myanmar

Share stories of success; this is a good start! Congratulations to the IMO.

Rebecca Female , Maritime mediator from United States Of America (the)

Education to everyone we come across, would go a long way. Simple hints with those we interact with daily, will take gender equality to the next level.

Maureen Kahiu Female , Golf course superintendent from Kenya

I will change the narrative and show women that once we unit and love each other, we can concur, for love is the greatest gift of all.

Jemimah Female , Business Development Manager from Nigeria

I would treat women as women, as they possess a different skillset, advantages & disadvantages compared to men. I would make changes to the work environment, whatever is possible within my power, to accommodate this new skillset. For example, a dedicated toilet for women near the workplace. Easy availability to menstruation items.

Renjith Paramban Male , Third Engineer from India

Lead with inspiration not intimidation

Ariel Male , Food attendant or waiter from Philippines (the)

If there is one thing i could do to achieve gender equality in seafaring, it would be ensuring that the life at sea will be read, watched, discussed and shared on land more and more and vice versa too. Reducing the communication gap between the land and the sea will help spreading information about the career possibilities while removing the fears or confusions about life at sea.

Manjula Kunnul Female , Senior Editor from India

Impulsar el ingreso de mujeres en las escuelas de la marina mercante, para que sean parte de las administraciones marítimas apoyándolas en su desarrollo profesional.

Carlos Mena Male , Director de Noticias Radio Encantada from Ecuador

Encourage more young women into engineering, there are still very few in comparison to Deck

Mick Male , Second Engineer from Ireland

Gender equality as clearer path to progress &sustainable development when it comes to filling work-related gender gaps

ASHISH SHRIVASTAVA Male , +SocialGood top member from India

I will make charterers to check the payroll of any proposed companies ,making sure that there is no pay gap before doing business with the companies.

Ahmad Male , Sailor from Nigeria

To recruit woman seafarer would be obligatory for all shipping companies across the world , who prefers recruting only man seafarer. Seafaring has no gender, we are equal and we deserve to be considered as just a seafarer neither man nor woman.


I would make having children and starting a family to be an ability for all female seafarers no matter what nationality or which company you work for. Currently women feel they need to choose between starting a family and having a career when they should feel supported and able to do both.

Carrie Norton Female , 2nd Mate Dynamic Positioning Officer from United States Of America (the)

Formar mujeres empoderadoras que puedan ocupar cargos administrativos en el sector Marítimo y Portuario de Colombia y del Mundo entero, desde la academia formamos el capital humano que serán los próximos a ocupar grandes cargos en este sector. La Universidad de La Guajira, forma jóvenes comprometidas con el sector Marítimo.

Melissa Paola Consuegra Teran Female , Coordinadora Programa de Administración Marítima y Portuaria from Colombia

pay discrimination, actions for improving pay equality


Equal right for mothers and fathers which are seafarers

Andrés Ibarra Male , Captain from Chile

Introduce Global Uniform of Pride for seafarers.

Samadani Male , Captain from Pakistan

I could maintain a fleet where ratio of woman should be equal to men.Many times I have seen that only 1 or 2 woman are onboard .If they are junior,they are suffering many mental trauma due to gender inequality .If they will be in equal ratio,she can enjoy her sailing rather than counting the days

Vivek Male , Second mate from India

Organisations must commit to deliver culture change from the leadership down and so as crews respond with inspiration to do more; do better; be accountable to deliver results and impact from an organisation’s written policy. #actnowdeliverresultstomorrow

Jeanine Female , Harbour Master from Australia


Adegoke,oluwapelumi joseph. Male , Deck cadet from Nigeria

We should embrace the diversities and create a work environment for everyone. There is enough space for everyone to develop their abilities. We should not expect a female to behave like a male and work like a male if we can improve the environment for both to be as efficient.

Rosy Female , Radio Officer from Brazil

Que no seamos menospreciadas por ser mujer , que las emprendas nos dejen ser madres y esposas . Se no de la mismas oportunidades

Tulia Tapia Female , Master from Panama

We should be empowering women and men equally, not focus on the negatives, embrace a good working environment with professional and positive seafarers and gender equality can follow.

Hannah Female , Chief Officer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Lead with inspiration not intimidation

Gavin Gain Male , Technical Superintendent from South Africa

I am doing my PhD in Finland and I am inspired by their educational system. I will influence officials in Tunisia to change the educational system to motivate women to join this exiting field because they are still reluctant as the setup at the maritime institution is not ready to receive women equally as men

Meriam Chaal Female , Seafarer engineer officer from Tunisia

Companies should employ and train more females.there should be enlightenment that there are other profession in seafaring.. Not only to become captain/ engineers but there are other profession in the maritime industry..also there should be a law against harassment, molesting and bullying of female seafarers..Thanks

Christianah Female , Deck cadet from Nigeria

If there is one thing I could change, it will be the manner in which lady seafarers are treated on some vessels. Measures should be put in place for them to be treated fairly and with decency.

Nana Acheampong Aninkorah Male , Seafarer from Ghana

women are soul for any Place, Just believe in their abilities

Fatima Female , Event Manager from United Arab Emirates (the)

Empower women is to make all conditions, from the academy until the high ranks, equal to everyone. Here is the time to shut off gender requirements for enrolling any position at sea. #IamOnBoard. Hats up for Brazilian Merchant Marine for the developments in such matter during the last decades.

Rodrigo Cintra Male , President od Brazilian Merchant Marine Society from Brazil

Major Shipping companies must recognise the need to diversify the workforce and support women.Better outcomes for recruitment and retention start with education, training, legislation, and going through the spectrum of how we can support women and men on board and on shore,”

Amity Marine Global Rather Not Say , Maritime Expert from India

Expose more positive stories, and highlight more female role-models working at sea: https://bit.ly/2YcYmOj

Elisabeth Mavropoulou Female , Programme Manager from Greece

Go out to schools and make sure that the girls know what the opportunities for seafarers are so that they can get the right education to achieve success whatever that may be.

Amanda Sharkey Female , Nurse from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

One thing is sure, shipping globally does not lack relative organizations and/or associations, influencers, teachers, mentors and coaches to help tackle the problem, it lacks action; it may lack more MEN championing women’s rights as well! Mentoring and Equal Training is important

Ali Akbar Male , Managing Director from India

Change all the rescricted ideas related gender capability to have more peace ,joy and acceptance at sea

Nildeniz Sütçü Şen Female , Maritime Pilot from Turkey

Respect and kindness! No matter you are!

Rômulo Prazeres Male , Captain (Mooring Master) from Brazil

All seafarers have working and living rights that include:employment contracts,accommodation, food and medical care.The MLC 2006 comes into force on August 2014.It replace all existing laws on seafarer rights.

Shahidulla khan Male , IMSO intern from Bangladesh

give more chance to woman, they actually have competencies in Maritimes industry

qosqory hasby bil hakim Male , cadet from Indonesia

We support this year’s Day of the Seafarer campaign. Empowering women in the workplace. Gender equality in seafaring.

Edgardo Layola Male , Master from Philippines (the)

Mentoring and creating awareness to our female children

Ama Thanki Female , Marine Pilot from Ghana

Listen and understand what women need. They have much to contribute and they should want to make this industry not just a job, but a career.

Mr. David Heindel Male , Secretary Treasurer from United States Of America (the)

women can take place in the maritime industry. More support to women, becausse everyone deserves the opportunity

Meisarah Marsa Female , public realtions from Indonesia

Respect for women in maritime industry

Muhammad Rizki Male , cadet from Indonesia

Equal opportunities

Giuseppe Aliperta Male , Deck Cadet Officer from Italy

harmony each every person onboaed

darell de san andres Male , oic from Philippines (the)

Empower and Police the maritime employment laws and standards internationally with the necessary legal back-up. Without exceptions!

Ross Hopwood Male , Ex Navigation Officer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Let them to be senior easier

mehdi hezarkhani Male , 3rd Engineer from Iran (islamic Republic Of)

provision and proper disposal of sanitary products on board ships for women seafarers

Elizabeth Marami Female , Marine pilot/ Founder Against the tide from Kenya

Encourage females to take part of this rewarding and global industry and start the recruitment to maritime industry at an early stage.

Thomas Aas Male , Marketing Manager, Maritime & Energy, Zenitel from Norway

Need more rights and equality on maritime sector over the world.

Tugsan isiacik colak Female , Captain oceangoing from Turkey

Equal job opportunities and equal pay for all nationalities the world over. No wage discriminations.

Capt. Kwame Deynu Male , Nautical Surveyor from Ghana

To spread the word to everyone that this courses are do-able by ladies. If a girl wants to take the path explored by men, it is fine. Encourage them. Support them. Be their role model and friend. It is possible. It is fun. It is okay to dare to be different.

Sylvia Catherine Female , Mathematics and Computer Scientist(aspiring to pursue aviation) from Kenya

Mobilize my young sisters, educate them to embrace this sector. I think that more and more women should focus on training and acquire the necessary skills in the maritime field. Whether it is the machine or bridge industry, or even at the port, we, women, shall have to demonstrate our skills, patience and righteousness, as we have always been able to prove in other fields.

Lady Nancy Female , Deck cadet from Togo

Equal opportunity and recognition for hard work & efforts.

Julia Female , QHSSE Officer from Poland

Equal opprotunities in training, renumeration and job opportunities at all levels in the maritime sector. Affirmative action and equal representation in all levels of maritime jobs to ensure committment and realization of gender equality is the way forward. The sector should also promote ICT, automation and collaboration with STEM related fields to make it more open to the youth who wish to join the maritime sector in order to realize the UN SDGs .

Mwanaulu Issa Mwajita Female , Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager -Maritime Single Window from Kenya

Encouraging females to venture into Seafaring

Theophilus Boateng Male , DPO from Ghana

Wages should be the same based on Rank or Role on board and not based on Nationality. Contracts should be between the Employer (Principal) and Seafarer, not Agency and Seafarer. Philippines should allow Filipino Seafarers to secure contract with Employers (Principal) and allow us to work without the Manning Agency Corrupting our salary, cortracts and benifits.

John Michael Jimenez Male , 2/O SDPO from Philippines (the)

Educate educate to the shipping company owners,HR departments and Training centers the importance of gender equality at all the stages of this businesses. Doesn’t matter how many seafarers are graduating per year if they doesn’t get the employment because they gender or if they get it but with the half of benefits

Kruskayta Arellano Female , Second officer from Ecuador

Create a fund that finances education and training in maritime for girls and women, also include the Special needs community.

Reshma Yousuf Female , CEO from Malaysia

Empower woman leaders in the maritime community, the gender equality will lead to better health and environment in the entire industry

Helle Andsbjerg Female , Captain, Facilitating Maritime Leadership from Denmark

It must be accepted a new international law for obligatory of at least 15% women employment on board of each vessel.

Vladyslav Volkov Male , Captain from Ukraine

Help campaign in various channels that we need to recognize the differences in the way both sexes are made lest we end up missing the ocean for the waves. Gender equality is highlighted to complement one another and not to duplicate or imitate the other sex. Together, they make one fantastic team. Identify distinctive differences and respect. Policy, technology and public awareness should be designed for complementing.

Reymarr Hijara Male , 2nd Officer from Philippines (the)

I would ensure easy and smooth placement of female seafarers onboard during cadetship and post cadetship; it should be embedded in the crewing regulations a minimum quota for the number of female officers onboard

Fawaz Usman Male , Engine cadet from Nigeria

By understanding that we are just two sides of the same coin

Pradeep Male , Manager from India

Flexibility of Period of contract, A provision should be made by companies for females for quick relieve. A rotational mode of work, like a relief plan, that will make room for flexibility as regards duration of contract especially for the married female seafarers. It’s an encouragement that will motivate female seafarers and balance gender issues.

Oláwuyì Abímbádé Goke Male , Deck Cadet from Nigeria

Making a policy of mandatory employment for women seafarers per company based on the number of women seafarers in the Industry available and also mandatory posting of trainees on ships, phased over a limited period of time so as to create a space and opurtunity.


Proper rest hours are not maintained…we need strict compliance on it..only for paper works everything is been done.

Raghunath Male , Deck Cadet from India

Promote women candidacy for work at sea and to support equal rights for seafarers

Andria-manantena johanne Female , Chief of international affairs from Madagascar

Being considerate with shore leave! After all they are human

Tsepiso Taoana-Mashiloanr Female , Manager from South Africa

Create awareness about seafaring and the jobs available. Also provide education and training to any gender from a young age and without any discrimination

Jahnvi Shah Female , Student from India

Pay diesent sallarys to all seafarers and not treat people as slaves

Henrik Lunden Male , Chief engineer from Finland

Global outreach programs and campaigns involving shipping companies, maritime institutes and seafaring community, thus creating opportunities for women to get enrolled in maritime institutes through affirmative action.

Harikrishnan Male , Third Officer from India

Make women more powerful not only in terms of giving good perks and salary but in terms of willpower also.Encourage those who are helpless and hapless and then you will definitely get gender equality. Provide good facility and opportunity in seafaring to both male and female.And that would be a calculated approach towards gender equality.

Abhay Kumar Male , Student from India

More training and scholarships in maritime and shipping education especially to kenyan women.

Dyna kagendo Female , Coastal and marine resource management undergraduate student. from Kenya

Make the opportunities same regardless the gender. No specific gender requirements for enrolling in any of the maritime field sectors. Be it for any ranks/positions.


A step change culturally towards acceptance and intolerance of harassment and discrimination.

Ann Till Female , HSE Manager, former seafarer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Untill now i dont sail on a ship but i think we must at least recpect them at collage or academy

Muntsr Male , Cadet from Jordan

If you could make just one change to achieve gender equality in seafaring, what would it be? Share your inspiring ideas. Many things for sure, but for starter the #oldmindset that seafaring is just for men and men only. If we start from that and accept women in this industry with all our heart all will follow. No discrimination, No doubts, No comparison of what she/he can do. He/She can freely do what He/She is trained to do.

MARK ANTHONY DE SAGUN Male , WIPER from Philippines (the)

Women shall not hesitate to be a ship engineer. Indonesian women have experinced that they succeed in career as ship engineer

Capt. Hadi Supriyono Male , Seafarer from Indonesia

One ship with 20 men and 1 woman, or a ship with 20 women and 1 man crew? why not if they all are qualified and will be able to get their job done…

Roy NAG Male , PFSO from Philippines (the)

To advocate the importance of allowing, supporting, trusting and building up women on board. Allow them to be the very best in their roles.

Mary mavaika Female , Manager Finance and Administration and President for Vanuatu Women in Maritime from Vanuatu

Facilitar e impulsar la creación de asociaciones de mujeres relacionadas al sector marítimo especialmente en países menos desarrollados que apoyen para el ingreso en administraciones marítimas y portuarias, además de apoyar en el desarrollo profesional, mediante la inclusión en seminarios, conferencias y traslados a otros países que permita afianzar y aumentar conocimientos para su desarrollo profesional.

Jeannette Pérez Female , Abogado marítima y oficial de marina from Venezuela (bolivarian Republic Of)

I’m from the world’s youngest nation the Republic of Sudan. I’m the first and the one seafarer from my country. I studied and graduated from AASTMT. I do come from a landlocked country and I’d love if the IMO makes policies for more inclusion of seafarers who are from such countries .

Ajak Anthony Akol Arop Female , 2nd Mate Officer from South Sudan

More women’s sized clothing for ship work

Fayth Stephenson Female , Deckhand from United States Of America (the)

New generation ship nowadays is not like before. Combination of automation, IT, electrical and electronic is toroughly been apply onbooard. Position ETO is really crucial and needed to amended as part of safe manning. Thus the job tittle must be Equality in work load and gender tranperancy.

Awang Male , Electro Technical Officer from Malaysia

Lifetime Health Insurance and benefits for all the seafarers who successfuly reach the age above in service 60

Norberto D. Lee, Jr Male , Master Mariner from Philippines (the)

Designate the percentage ratio of Jobs that must be secured for Female Seafarers, to ensure that every vessel has both genders working on board. The initial affirmation programme should be voluntary but eventually it should become mandatory as a form of commitment to Gender Equality !

FRANK KAMINA Male , COMMUNITY from United Republic Of Tanzania (the)

The authorities, like the Transportation agency in Sweden, needs to start applying the laws that exist. Not only laws about gender and equality, but in generel, all laws, for exemplevis about safety and working environment. There is a generel idea and opinion that the laws, that we take as a natural thing on land, by some reason don’t apply at sea. That we don’t have to follow them. More women will like to work in the field if this lawlessness stops.

Anonymous Female , Ordinary seaman from Sweden

Not sure about the required dress codes for female Seafarers, but, do not require a feminization of their dress code. Many females in the US military branches have begun speaking out about this as far as requirements to wear skirts or dresses vs pants. Seafaring is a professional industry and requiring women to distinguish themselves by dressing differently than men puts women at a disadvantage by forcibly feminizing them. Many women do not want to be feminized in the workplace and should not be required to wear different uniforms than men. It should be their choice.

Eleesha Delle Foglie Female , Former Manager for Global Cooperation from United States Of America (the)

Respetando la opinión. Mi trabajo lo comparto con 3 mujeres de mando. Desarrollar la tolerancia cuando se expresan comentarios y observaciones. También son capaces y aptas para el desarrollo de los trabajos.

José Ramón Cuevas Male , Departamento de Convenios from Mexico

For a public maritime life, for all persons see the seafares´ life, as it is.

Marcos Garcia Male , Chief Mate from Brazil

They need to look at us women first as professionals and not only as women, I have almost 20 years of profession and to this day I still need to prove that I am as professional, or better, as any man but despite having proven experience I still have to prove my professionalism and capacity. As a result, over the course of all these years I have been seeing and feeling the consequence of the preference for men even if they are proven to be bad professionals.

Eleni Barbosa Female , Chief Mate from Brazil

Designate maritime education and training programs to support women being recruited into nautical courses – both navigation and engineering courses – and thereby help shipowners to overcome their prejudice in hiring women.

Isobel O’Connell Female , Sr Manager from Canada

Family planning. You cannot be pregnant and sail on the vessels I’m familiar with. That means a potential unpayed year of time off. That’s terribly difficult to work around. Many of the women I know simply choose work over having a family.

Michele Laycock Female , Chief Mate from United States Of America (the)

Equal anything’s…salary..rest time…way of directing a message to another

Christian Santos de Oliveira Male , Engine trainne from Brazil

Lifeboat material must be included one disposable linethrow apparatus.

Gonçalves, João Carlos Ferreira Male , Captain from Brazil

How society views women at sea. I believe that it starts at home. If the society does not see sailing as applicable to only males then there will be a huge change, we would achieve equality.

Mally Port Female , Seafarer from South Africa

I would ask ship owners and key players in the industry to ensure a certain percentage of women are occupying positions in the field. Ships for instance should be able to accommodate at least 2 ladies onboard as compared to not having slots for ladies.

Linnet Maroa Female , Graduate Marine Engineer from Kenya

Employ More female cadets and other ranks.

Oche Samuel Male , Chief officer from Nigeria

Scholaships to encourage on board and ashore job opportunities

Rina Female , Marine Engineer, regulatory affairs and statutory certificates from Panama

If I could make one change in this bussines, I would said at all of women that if you have a dream, you need to fight for this one…we need to be together , we need these is the key for avoid the discrimination.

Erika Rodríguez Female , If I Could make one change... from Venezuela (bolivarian Republic Of)

Stop thinking that women always needs help to achieve manual jobs.

Nathalie Female , Deck cadet from Belgium

Aplicacao do servico a bordo ser igual para ambos os sexos

Mauricio Santos Male , Oficial de maquinas from Brazil

GDTA, I would like an IMO to create a boarding program for Cadets in Mozambique because our country is being approved by the Officers for lack of Policies that defend the interest of the Merchant Navy. B. Regards

Herbeth Avelino Simati Male , Cadet from Mozambique

I’d create campaigns to show how respectful and friendly the is environment is and showing women working at a lot of positions too

Izabelle Felix Female , Radio Operator from Brazil

more respect and equal tasks , people have to see that’s same job and rank, so doesn’t matter the gender in case.

Raimundo Male , Equality between seafarers from Brazil

Hiring the quality one do not pay attention to the gender

Abeer allam Female , GM.planing and reasarch from Egypt

Work clothing and PPE that actually fits.

Nic Female , 2nd Mate from Australia

Сreate an association of the seamen of the world

Ilham Male , Deputy Director in “AZ-Mariner ” Ships & Customs agency, marine supplies services LLC Company from Azerbaijan

Equal wages must be consider without looking nationality or skin colour on all positions.

KENNEDY KAMAU IRUNGU Male , Cadets from Kenya

Above all a lot of respect!!!

Ana Paula S.S.Vale Female , Captain from Brazil

Employ more female seafarers… Its five years since I graduated and got my license but no work.

Nwankwo Stella Ogechukwu Female , 3rd officer marine engineer.. (Not working yet) from Nigeria

Empowering other Women By Celebrating each others’s strength!

Lina Soho Female , Operations Manager from Singapore

Understand the difference between gender and respect this also equal wegs and allow schoolarShip for the two as the same

Abeer allam Female , GM planning and reasarch from Egypt

Improved Leave Benefits (maternity and paternity) for Seafarers and offshore workers.

Karoline Female , Leadership & Development from United States Of America (the)


Shuneen Van Niekerk Female , Trainee Tug Master from South Africa

Banned country who doesnt implemented the Imo conventions and rules correctly !!!

Candra Agung Nugroho Male , 3rd Engineer from Indonesia

Family/work balance for female seafarers, allowing female seafarers to raise families without discrimination and biasness. The current legislations on maternity benefits are mainly advantageous to shore based employees and not seafarers.

Florence Ndjahera Female , Designated Person Ashoren from Namibia

Honesty/ العدل

Fawaz mansour Male , Master from Syrian Arab Republic

More opportunities, Equal chances and encouragement/mentor-ship for these seafarers.

Lawal-Shittabey Olabode Male , IT Consultant/Developer from Nigeria

Women should feel secure at sea. Most of the girls I talk to are scared of choosing offshore careers because they think a male dominated environment is not safe for them. At a certain stage, most women want to have children. Employers should be considerate or be a bit flexible when it comes to female seafarers and family life. Also, getting employment after graduating from the university is challenging for both males and females, but more so for the ladies. WIMA should organize(through the regional WIMAs) talks about offshore careers in secondary/high schools, with successful female seafarers as their guest/motivational speakers to allay their fears

Regina Female , Navigation Officer at S from Sierra Leone

Satellite service that is reliable and constant – enabling women (and men) to be in regular visual contact with their families. This might encourage more women to stay with their shipboard careers

Vicki Female , Professional art photographer specializing in seafarers from Canada

Employ more South African females on international vessels

Londiwe Female , Trainee Chief Mate from South Africa

Give ourself more chance to challenge, striking for new skills and opportunity. Raise our voice, one day it will be hear.

SAR Monyrath Female , Deputy chief of General Affair Office, Port Administrative Department, from Cambodia

Capacity building through training and development for empowerment.

Richard Hayka Male , Marine Consultant from Papua New Guinea

we are all capable no matter what

SARUNI SAMMY Male , student from Kenya

Eradicate gender bias. Anyone can do the job well regardless of gender.

MESAIDI MARIGA MAARIFA Female , Marine Engineer from Kenya

Empowering women through Maritime Education and Training .

Afimaa Female , Admin. Officer from Ghana

1. Gender equality to be submit to ALL company 2. Pregnant leave

Luciana Rahmaniar Female , 3rd officer from Indonesia

I can be more visible to future seafarers, to encourage and second I must educate my own family, my own son on how we like the world to be

Julie Synnøve Bøe Female , Chief Engineer from Norway


Bjorn Dellona Male , Able seaman from Philippines (the)

Pay the real worked hours to the Tugboat crew at Svitzer Amsterdam. Pay the 49 hours per week and not 40 hours.

Jos Hilberding Male , industrial officer from Netherlands (the)

Education towards visibility

Paula Grillo Female , Head International Regulations Section from Argentina

RESPECT – Respect for one’s self, Respect for others and other people’s Respect for you. This is one of mankind’s noble sentiments!

Jane Koi Female , Manager Administration from Fiji

awareness on how to balance work and family. flexible /special contract for female seafarers

Adebisi Charles Male , 2nd mate/dpo from Nigeria

To promote females in Myanmar Maritime Industry and to get equal chances for all Myanmar seafarers under the leadership of IMO.

Mr.Pyae Phyo Ngwe MIMarEST Male , Maritime Instructor,Second Engineer from Myanmar

Make available proper training and scholarships to young girls wishing to enter the maritime industry.

Sarah Andrew Female , Student- MSc. Global Studies, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. from Trinidad And Tobago

Designate the percentage ratio of Jobs that must be secured for Female Seafarers, to ensure that every vessel has both genders working on board. The initial affirmation programme should be voluntary but eventually it should become mandatory as a form of commitment to Gender Equality !


Give as many opportunities for training to female cadets as the male colleagues. Ever so often from the training stage there are always fewer females selected, so the system is already creating a disadvantage.

Susan E. Female , Marine surveyor from Nigeria

The most important thing is that women must believe that they can and do it whenever they have chance!

Rochaldo Male , Deck cadet from Mozambique

Pay equality across Nationality

Kim Male , Ex Sailor from Singapore

Equal opportunities, a chance for eveyone.

Siti Female , Researcher from Indonesia



Give women a chance without doubt in the marine industry…. If we belived we can do it then the employees should believe it too

Sumeiya hussein Female , Marine engineer graduate student from Kenya

الاهتمام بالمرأة لجعلها فى مكان القياده لان يكون الا ابتداء من رفع كفأتها من الناحيه العلميه بشكل سليم حتى يكون لها رأى بناء يجعلها تستحق هذا الموقع الذى تهدف إليه بجداره

Heba Ali Mohamed moustafa Female , Lawyer from Egypt

When it comes to women, in order to change the narrative and offer different paradigms, increasingly women should focus on training and acquiring necessary skills set and competencies in every field of the Maritime industry, so regardless of whether it be in the board room, the engine room, the bridge, quay side or any side of the broad spectrum of the maritime profession, women should bring their skills, patience and rectitude to bear just as we have proven capable in all other endeavours like Medicine, IT, Law, Engineering, Finance and Entertainment.

Ajala agaba Female , Maritime capacity building analyst from Nigeria

Real equal efforts real equal responsibilities, equal rewards and salary. Stop highlighting things just for the gender. We are equal and deserve same treatment in every aspect

Imanol Bastarrechea Male , Captain from Argentina

Fair performance evaluation

Luiza Shah Female , Manager from Cyprus

Mindset or way of thinking because in this way everything else follows. Like love and respect for one another; unselfishly taking care for everybody not just for oneself or one group. Upholding common good.

Darryl Lloyd P. Dasig Male , Chief Officer from Philippines (the)

Improved employment conditions across the board – lower working hours, shorter contracts, decent living and working conditions and proper family friendly employment policies will increase the attractiveness of the industry not only to women but all potential new recruits.

David Appleton Male , Trade Union Official from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Increase the wages of seafarers

ABDULLAH ALSHIDHANI Male , Deck officer from Oman

Ban mandatory pre-employment pregnancy tests

David Cisneros Ardura Male , Engineer Officer / Marine Surveyor from Mexico

Instill in every person the confidence to use their voice and raise the discussion around the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, and by association, inclusivity in the earning economy. Driving change one voice at a time

Anne Myers Female , Master Mariner Marine Surveyor from South Africa

Accommodation facilities on all newbuilds designed to support a crew of diverse gender – ensuring in some instances a workplace barrier is removed.

Clare Gomes Female , Executive at AMSOL & WISTA South Africa from South Africa

Stop discrimination in shipping & Jobs for Youth

Silviu Male , Seatrans, 3-rd mate from Romania

Equal opportunities to all humans, irregardless their sex or nationality!

Eleni Maragou Female , DDPA from Greece

I called on member states of the International Maritime Organization to launch an Association of Girls and Women interested in the maritime industry in their countries within 1 year.

Reza Alibeike Male , Marine Surveyor from Iran (islamic Republic Of)

A culture of blanket acceptance despite differences in appearance

Priyanka Ann Saini Female , Chief Communications Officer from India

Equal chance to all

Khalid Male , Cadet from Oman

1. Give more control over their schedules and not prioritize time spent on-board over delivering results. 2. Squash workplace harassment.

Vikas Male , Captain from India

We uphold…Promoting fair recognition of potentials, opportunities, rights of every gender and respect for all races : a road to enduring Seafarer diversity….

Cadettes from Negros Maritime College Foundation, Inc. Female , Students from Philippines (the)

More automation with dual training in engineering & navigation

Rengaraju Subbiah Male , Associate professor in marine engineering from India

Improved career orientation, equality and diversity for maritime personnel and investors

Femi Aweda Male , Marine Superintedent from Nigeria

helping seafarers to have peace of mind during their service on board.

mohsen Azari Male , Marine insurance underwriter from Iran (islamic Republic Of)

Would have assigned quota for women in any marine related activities including IMO related activities and events as a mandate for IMO member countries.

Parvin Farshchi Female , University Lecturer from Iran (islamic Republic Of)

Remove Corruption from Indian Recruitment and Training

Dilip Male , Chief Engineer from India

Courses for male/female on this job (how to deal with different issues/situation in gender diversity point of view; male/female brain structure and why it is important to understand difference to get equal/expected output; understanding: we are not same, but we complete each other, as naturally we have different point of views and therefore it is easier to get full picture and work range covered; why gendre diversity matters; etc).

Anni Female , Watch officer/ cargo officer from Estonia

Stability, fairness & equality in the marine sector

Nduonyi, Effiong Asukwo Male , Captain from Nigeria

I will make it mandatory for all vessels to carry minimum of two women on board

Olaosebiomo Olajumoke damilola Female , Cadet from Nigeria

Our attitude and thinking should be change about gender equality, then everything will be change automatically. If a women can give birth a man, then why she can’t do anything what man’s do. Of course she can do. Moreover we should take massive action to remove this segregation rather than just talking about gender equality. Encourage you daughter and sister to take more challenge and encourage them to do whatever they want to do.

Mohammad Mahbub Hasan Bhuyan Male , Second Officer on Oil/Chemical Tanker Vessel from Bangladesh

Equal opportunity to allerrespective of gander……. Like port chairman

Kawthar Mohamed Mahmoud Female , Head of translation division from Egypt

More scholarships for female Seafarers

kpenmose Male , Second officer from Nigeria

My one change is to go out to my own interior village an enlightened the females on seafaring job.

UWA, NSIKAK Male , deck from Nigeria

No discrimination

Fatouma Female , Marine pilot from Djibouti

Focus on new generation school teaching about equaling

Ameera salim alshuaibi Female , Deck cadet from Oman

Better persception of women. She too has ability.

Nneka Obianyor Female , Registrar of Ships from Nigeria

Racism should be eliminated through proper sensitization. Everyone is equal before there are no first class seafarers nor second class seafarers . As we mark this day please let us embrace one another and treat everyone equally.

Olayiwola Odunayo Male , Deck Officer from Nigeria

More scholarships for women seafarers

Anaseini Tukana Female , Sefarers Certification Officer from Fiji

Equal opportunities irrespective of the gender

Grace Female , Crewing Officer from Nigeria

To allow stronger female voices & opinions on sea pollution, helping women and children to escape war

Haniza Mustaffa Female , Technical Manager from Singapore Shipping Association from Singapore

Courage: we need to empower women in africa and change the Egyptian mindset of parents

Nayéra Tawfik Female , Offshore engineering student from Egypt

Empowering Workplace Support for Women Seafarers

Leny Castillo Female , Maritime Instructor from Philippines (the)

End discrimination and all exploitation against women.

Mariecris Dingcong Female , Assistant Waiter of Norwegian Cruise Line from Philippines (the)

Please make it a requirement for companies to provide female sanitary products onboard their ships, just so I don’t have to pack a five month supply.

Aoife Female , ETO from Ireland

Scholarships mostly for cadet’s Cadets mostly are neglected and if they are not well trained and their careers in the maritime sector supported through scholarship either by government or companies there will be a problem in years to come

Onuwabhagbe Fredrick Oseiwe Male , Deck officer from Nigeria

Sanitary products on all ships…

Kim Female , Engineer from Ireland

Don’t stereotype females. Give the equal opportunity irrespective of gender

Otobong Ibokette Female , Marine Pilot from Nigeria

Create a support group for nigerian women at sea and industry at large

Koni Duniya Female , Voyage management and agency from Nigeria

Discrimination and violence on women must be stopped

Glory Stephen Female , Sailor from Nigeria

Scholarship for cadet’s

Onuwabhagbe Fredrick Oseiwe Male , Deck Officer from Nigeria

Equal opportunities irrespective of gender

Julie Female , Master Mariner from Australia

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Otobong Ibokette Female , Marine Pilot from Nigeria

Women on board vessels when pregnant should not be seen as liability for the company

Mariam Bortier Female , Administrative Assistant from Ghana

Treated as equals with equal pay

Dana Male , Chief Engineer from Canada

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Christabel Ewedji Female , Chartered Shipbroker from Ghana

Men Officers, who pressurized females onboard for sex ,should be dismissed from the industry.

Capt. Hannah Aggrey Female , Senior Lecturer from Ghana

PPE that fits. Particularly boots and gloves!

Sonia Female , Deck Cadet from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Equal Pay

Rafael Macedo Bione da Silva Male , Chief Mate from Brazil

Better welfare and opportunity for everyone.

Godwin Odusola Male , Offshore Crane Operator from Nigeria


Abeer saker Female , General manager from Egypt

Scholarships for brilliant females intrested.


More women mentors on the top level management. I see very few who go beyond executive positions . More women in decision making roles are required and organizations should nurture talent and not gender.

Sandhya Rani Ramadass Female , Psychologist from India

I think we could broadly accept the offshore work,no matter weather if you are working on water or working from home to contributeprojectsof offshore. It can easily get more professionals in here Including men and womens

Faiza khatri Female , Oil and gas consultant engineer from Pakistan

Not to discriminate seafarers onboard ships as man or women at work but to see and treat with equal eyes. We are all seafarers be it men or women and must be treated equally


Provide more scholarship to aid training for Seafarers

Ohas Augustine Brown Male , Assistant Chief Staff Development Officer from Nigeria

Mutual respect

Madeleine Female , Second Officer from United States Of America (the)

More women are needed in leadership roles – on ships and ashore, in order to provide the female perspective on the executive / senior level.

Lauren Grasdahl Female , Third Mate - Alaskan Tanker Company from United States Of America (the)

encourage young girls from African countries to take up seafaring jobs


جوده التعليم للجميع

رحاب عبد العزيز محمد عبد الجواد Female , هيئه ميناء الاسكندريه from Egypt

Promote more women to top management position

Aguinaldo Pedro Male , Chartering Specialist from Angola

Safety Gear that fits.

Alyssa Esposito Female , Able Seaman/Mate from United States Of America (the)

More effective anti sexual harassment laws

Joanna Female , 3 officer from Poland

More training and scholarship.our voice be hard and heard

Shimaa Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelrasoul Female , Seafarers documents administrator from Egypt

My one change is mentoring for female seafarers.

Ally Cedeno Female , Founder of Women Offshore from United States Of America (the)

More training and scholarship.our voice be hard and heard

Shimaa Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelrasoul Female , Seafarers documents administrator from Egypt

Gender Equality and Respect to each other should be one of the core values of the Seafaring Industry. The different behaviour, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favoured equally.

Paolo Punzalan Male , Senior Assistant Purser from Philippines (the)

Equal opportunity

Yara El-Sayyad Female , Sales Section Head from Egypt

To be treated equally and not undermined.

JD Male , Able-Bodied Seamen from Canada

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Benedicta Dugbenya Female , Marketing Officer from Ghana

Build team spirit amongst women, because they end up being a barrier rather than supporting female leaders. There is urgent need for value re orientation of the female and need to help chosen leaders even when they can identify her weaknesses. Males think we are not serious with this drive because we are not coordinated.

Jean Omeje Female , IT officer at NIMASA- MSc student at World Maritime University from Nigeria

More awareness on the opportunities available for females in Seafaring.

Prince Amponsah Brobbey Male , Account officer from Ghana

Denouncing the age old notions that seafaring is solely a male dominated profession and encouraging young girls at an early age to take on the challenge of entering into the seafaring profession.

Vida Dabire Female , Maritime Admin. Officer from Ghana

More visibility for women in shipping

Sylvia Owu Female , Deputy Chief Executive Officer from Ghana

Give woman more opportunity

Patricia Azimbe Female , Accountant from Ghana

Sensitisation of career development for ratings

George Anti Kwakye Male , Maritime Officer from Ghana

Equal scholarships

Radhia talbi Female , HR manager from Tunisia

Encourage more and more women in shipping fraternity

Sumistha Chowdhury Female , Executive Director from India

Effective punishment to sexual harassment.

Ana Clara Nascimento Female , Lawyer from Brazil

Visitez d’une façon périodique les ports des pays voisins pour les femmes qui travailles dans le domaine maritime ⚓ pour changer les compétences et les connaissances

Nadia Mestiri Female , Chef de service administratif du port de la goulette Ommp tunisia from Tunisia

Equal opportunities for gender equality, we are pancadaria( meaning prepared to embrace any work.

Mara Neto Female , Maritime lawyer from Angola

Zero tolerance against harassment.

Agnes Female , First Officer from Sweden


HENRY IYOWUNA COOKEY Male , Entrepreneur from Nigeria

Scholarship for maritime seagoing courses for females with cadetship training to complement it

Eli Kodzo TETE Male , 2nd Engineer from Ghana

Hi, I’m from India.Many women wants to join maritime but they fear the bias nature. I would suggest there be separate institute for specially women for getting into maritime field.

UJJWAL KATOCH Male , Deck cadet from India

More equality for all, men and women can serve on maritime circumstance, even seafarer on board vessel.

Basyarudin Male , Port Engineer from Indonesia

More diversity in leadership and teams: gender, age, nationality

Tanja Tomic Female , entrepeneur from Croatia

Créer académie maritime dans mon pays RDC pour former. Favoriser la prise en charge des femmes à WMM; effectuer les audits dans les États membres pour évaluer ce programme.

Mawandji Masala Caroline Female , Présidente from Democratic Republic Of The Congo (the)

There should be an enough space for women on the vessel so that they can also work as we men we do

Juantuah Amankwa Isaac Male , Student from Ghana

Equal wages irrespective of nationality based on ranks.

John Agbozo Male , Cook from Ghana

Career guidance and sponsorship for female seafarers

Gift Bassey Female , Marine Engineer Cadet from Nigeria

Female seafarers should be give equal platform for promotions

Amegavi Vivian Female , Chief Mate / SDPO from Ghana

More support to women in the maritime industry

Safoah Female , Internal Audit Officer from Ghana

A Woman must not accept. She must challenge.Everyone deserves the opportunity, based on their qualifications and not based on their genders.

Iro Gidakou Female , Captain from Cyprus

More scholarship

Delphina poku Female , Engine cadet from Ghana

Woman must not accept. She must challenge.Everyone deserves the opportunity, based on their qualifications and not based on their genders.

IRO GIDAKOU Female , Captain from Cyprus

Appoint a woman as Minister of Transport

Phillip J Heyl Male , CEO, The Heyl Group from United States Of America (the)

More training

Lamia Besher Female , Computer operators from Egypt

Create an advantage for crew comprising at least 20-30% of females

Eng.NESSE Female , Pot & Maritime infrastructure Expert, Consultant from Cameroon

Have more African women in leadership positions

Perpetua Osei-Bonsu Female , Executive Secretary from Ghana

Shore leave must be mandatory without the need of any visa other than the crew visa

Boakye-Boampong Nana kwabena Male , Senior Maritime Administrative Officer from Ghana

A greater awareness to girls in the earlier years or education about maritime career opportunities

Senam Fiagbenya Female , Business Development from Ghana

Equal opportunity for all

Joceline naakarlee addo Female , Protocol officer from Ghana

Increase women’s participation in the industry through increased scholarship and IMO to encourage member countries to enroll more women through scholarship and early publicity in basic scho.

Alice Torkornoo Female , Former General Manager, Business Development from Ghana

More scholarships

Gladys Afi Gbogbo Female , Accounts Officer from Ghana

Awareness of opportunity as sea farer through sensitisation programmes

Gloria kanabe Female , Solicitor from Nigeria

عمل دورات تدريبية للجنسين يكون من ضمن موضوعاتها المساواة بين الجنسين بشكل نفسي اكتر منه علمي و بأسلوب لا يستطيع المتلقي نفسه معرفة انه مقصود

Hind allam Female , Elextronic Planning specialist from Egypt

I will impress it on my Government, to ratify and domesticate the relevant Convention on Gender equality.

Jean Chiazor Anishere Female , Maritime law Practitioner from Nigeria

Impress on my Government to ratify and domesticate the relevant Convention on Gender equality.

Jean Chiazor Anishere Female , Maritime law Practitioner from Nigeria

Equity for Gender Maritime Education

Enas Nadi Al-Mahariq Female , MLP students-WMU, from Jordan

There must be gender equality in Maritime up to now only few women are part of marine, we need to educate, encourage and make women to understand so they can take marine careers.. I thank you

Menete Nekulu Nakapipi Female , Assistant refrigeration Mechanic from Namibia

Empower women by implementing laws protecting their rights and welfare.

Edmar Male , Second Officer from Philippines (the)

Recruit more women and employer to be open minded to employ women by merit. Have incentives for employers who employ more women.

RESHMA NILOFER NAHA Female , Maritime Pilot from India

Understanding between office and onboard ship management

Nurul Female , 2nd officer from Malaysia

Give scolarships to young people

Joana Female , Presidente from Cabo Verde

Equality in Pay, Proper Sanitation

Michelle Rama Female , Supervisor from Fiji

gender respect must begin in primary school and in the family

Kalie Female , Officer from France

Women shall be treated like they are capable of the work on engine rooms because actually we are capable to do anything we want.

Nelsiane Simões Female , Engineer Officer from Brazil

Open mindedness

shireene Female , Director of AWIMA Secretariat from Egypt

Criminalisation of seafarers must be stopped. Our voice should be heard.

shireene Female , Director of AWIMA Secretariat from Egypt

Equal employment opportunities

Jomana Elkholy Female , Marine officer from Egypt

I am the one on Egypt who penetrate the trucking field So I need to have a community for women of trucking

Merhan ElDriny Female , Mrs. Trucking from Egypt

Wamen empowerment

Marwa Gamal radean Female , Economic analysis from Egypt

Make the female Work of interior designe more active in ports

Rasha Omar Ali Elkomy Female , Interior designer at Alexandria port Authority from Egypt

Increase number of training courses and scholarships for female and empower them throw their jobs and organizations

Wafaa momani Female , Programer and technical supporter from Jordan

Making awareness to the female students at school level and guide them for marine education

Sachin Yadav Male , Chief Officer from India

More opportunities for female to be placed as ETO in companies as very less companies are hiring lady eto onboard. Thankyou Romeeta bundela Electro technical officer Maersk line limited

Romeeta bundela Female , Electro technical officer @ maersk line from India

Early awareness to potential seafarers that the industry is changing for the better, and fast!!

Scott Male , Manager Marine Assurance from Australia

Égalité des chances pour tous

Florentine GUIHARD KOIDIO Female , IT Manager from Co�te D'ivoire

Stop comparing us to each other

Hana Female , Marine Engineer from Malaysia

Awareness on gender issues, for ship and shore personnel. Education is the key!

Rossella Balaskas Female , Captain from Greece

Include women in the maritime industry as part of the National Development Plan.There is a future out at Sea

Mohamed Zaid Male , Master from Maldives

Legislation on employing women for each maritime company in all countries. There are much companies still do not prefer to employ women on board ships. This is the only one way to make it force to them! Enforcement is necessary!

Ayse Asli Basak Female , Port Captain from Turkey

I would you support gender equality on training. I feel that many women are desperate to provide a better service on the water, or to change function, to make her career greater, but she isn’t supported to explore it, to make a change, to learn it more, or even better to keep learning things. Just because she’s a girl. I feel that on groups of maybe 20 men there’s on woman only …

Maria Quiteria Rego Female , Radio operator from Brazil

.Give the same opportunity to men and women in hiring and then the quality will take place

Abeer Allam Female , G.M Planning and reasarch from Egypt

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Norsyazwani binti molkan Female , Second officer from Malaysia

introduce fitness & competence as the only criteria for employment of seafarers

Capt. Vishnu B.Sharma Male , Maritime Trainer from India

Equal opportunity for all gender for job application and promotion

TC-Liew Female , Chief officer from Malaysia

Encourage women to enter the marine field to study and make women be always part of all crew on ships

Hiba Ali Female , Operation Manager from Syrian Arab Republic

Give chances to newcomer/newbie to experience different kind of ship operation. How to gain experience if there’s no place to learn. And company nowadays are looking for experience officer/engineer with specific experience but hardly give one to new people

Zee Female , 2nd Officer from Malaysia

Basic employment rights including equality enshrined in International Law via amendments to STCW.

Helene Female , Partner and Master Mariner from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

to recruite female Pilots

Tiong Male , Sr. Manager, Pilotage from Malaysia

To make it compulsory for every shipping/recruiting company to have at least 1-2% female seafarers onboard their vessels / recruited by the company..

Hakimah Female , 2nd Officer from Malaysia

more women should be employed all world ship on board

Enis demirkiran Male , Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer from Turkey

Proper Trade Union protection for each seafarer

Svetlana Female , English teacher in Maritime academy from Ukraine

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Maged M. Hassabou Male , Head of consultancy department at Regional Maritime Security Institute, Arab Academy for Scince& Technology and Maritime Transport from Egypt

Give more opportunities to females officers

David Male , Captain from Malaysia

Improving the living condition onboard as a whole to allow for a more suitable place for women to work in.

Kenneth Khoo Male , Maritime Instructor from Malaysia

For every company to establish specific guidelines when having female officers onboard. This to ensure that female seafarers are being treated equally and accordingly, to avoid any unnecessary circumstances such as harrasment.

Fatin Amirah Female , Deck Officer from Malaysia

Flexible sea contract for married woman seafarer

Noor Fadhlina Female , Designated Person Ashore from Malaysia

Change the mindsets of those that think women have limited capacity and/or are not competent to achieve great things in positions of power.

Joyce Female , Legal Advisor from Namibia

Equal salary and further carrer opportunities

Gianluca Male , Humanitarian officer from Italy

Female Seafarer Help line.

Parcs Munmun Male , Maritime Search & Rescue Coordinator from Papua New Guinea

Maternity leave wth salary. More scholarship for women

Dharshini Female , Marine engineer from Malaysia

Raise Awareness Among Shipping Company

Wan Aris Bin Wan Razali Male , Chief Officer from Malaysia

Minimum wage set for each position

Hasivini Manaoogaran Female , 3rd Engineer from Malaysia

The same equality between both genders and hopefully more company in Malaysia accept female officer to go ob their fleets

Shahirah Female , 2nd Officer from Malaysia

I hope there’s an implementation or policy to recruit mariners regardless of their gender. An action shall be taken for recruiters who refused to recruit female seafarer.

Najihah Female , Deck Officer from Malaysia

Gender won’t make a change..it’s the mindset..”RESPECT” is the key to stayed “SAFE” on our profesion.

Ezamoera andrew Male , Bosun from Malaysia

Female role models, instead of feeling like my career was bucking the system.

TC Female , Chief Mate from Canada

Equitable quality education

Enas Nadi Al-Mahariq Female , MLP students-WMU, from Jordan

Equal benefits and treatment for all nationality.

Ng Cock Soon Male , HSEQA manager from Malaysia

What a man can do a woman can do better. So crimination of seafarers must be stopped. Let it be 50/50

Michael Male , Oiler from Namibia

Stop racism in the industry. Give opportunities irrespective of color to all in all domains of Shipping Industry.

Ankit Lochav Male , Second officer from India

More scholarships and equal benefits on board in terms of gender

Salim Male , 4th engineer from Kenya

coexistence on Board

Bahaa Fatima Male , Captain from Syrian Arab Republic

Equal opportunity irrespective of gender.

Mohd Nazri Sharif Male , Master Mariner from Malaysia

Equal demands from both genders regarding work.

Achilleas Kontozzoglou Male , Second Mate from Greece

Teaching my children that all individuals are equal.

Hanna Odengrund Female , Maritime pilot from Sweden

Equal internship and job opportunities shoul be provided.

Asena Female , Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer from Turkey

Have a legal instrument in place for equal opportunities

Dr Yasmin Mohd Hasni Female , President of Women in Maritime Malaysia from Malaysia

Promoting the public awareness of re-defined gender neutral seafaring professions by highlighting existing & up and coming talents.

Captain Kate McCue Female , Master Mariner from United States Of America (the)

Flexibility in contracts where both spouses are seafarers where they would alternate to enable at least one spouse be with the children on land jobs while the otherbis on board. That way both are enabled to work in seafaring

Winnie Maina Female , Lawyer from Kenya

More scholarships

Radhia Female , HR manager from Tunisia

Better safety to prevent sexual harrassement

Simone Twelkemeier Female , OOW from Germany

Adequate facilities to obtain and dispose of feminine hygiene products onboard

Helen Buni Female , IMO Focal Point for Women in Maritime from Iraq

Let women at sea just be ‘people at sea’ alot of this visibility of Women at Sea and Women’s Equality at sea is causing sexism where it never used to exist! We all work at sea to do the same job, praise us all! #peopleatsea

Katie Female , Chief Officer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Equality ,respectively,share opportunity,idea and team work ,Don’t misbehavior at any kind situation of circumstances

Rajaji Male , Engineering from India

To educate families & assure them its a normal environment for their daughters to work at sea.

Mehrdad Behforouzi Male , Captain- lecturer from Iran (islamic Republic Of)

Attractive and better working conditions for the female counterparts and seaferers at large.

Ejike Male , Navigation Officer Assistant from Nigeria

Equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender

Rajesh Madusudanan Male , Specialist (Statutory Approval) from India

More scholarships

Sara Female , Maritime lawyer from Bahamas (the)

Criminalisation of seafarers must be stopped. Our voice should be heard.

Abhishek Som Male , Second Engineer from India

More opportunities in place for women to reach higher ranking positions

Kate Ottway Female , Marketing & Communications Manager from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Quality education for all

Derek Male , Captain from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

Proper facilities to obtain and dispose of feminine hygiene products

Lee Adamson Rather Not Say , Communications Manager from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)

More visibility for women in shipping

Georgina Rather Not Say , Crew member from United States Of America (the)

Equal pay

Olivia Female , Ship surveyor from Spain

Open mindedness

Tim Male , Officer from Canada

Transparency on contracts

Spencer Male , Web Designer from United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (the)